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Taizhou Runde has specialized on copper fittings brass fittings bronze fittings die casting parts since 2010 In 2017 we started to produce solder ring brass fittings and bronze fittings Our copper pipe fittings covered ASME B16 22 Size 5 16 to 101 8 ASME B16 23 EN12541 BS864 Standard Copper Fittings Size 6mm to 219mm EN1254 2 ASTM B88 L Type copper fittings compression fittings press fittings bronze fittings brass fittings air conditioner fittings and die casting parts All our Products are made according to UPC NSF61 WRAS ROHS standards Our Quality Control is based on ISO9001 2000 standard We have more than 50 CNC machines press machines laser machines and cutting machines to assure high...

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