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Copper Male Elbow Copper Male Elbow Mip X C,ASME B16.22 &EN1254-2 Stanard With UPC,NSF61,WRAS approval


Copper Male Elbow Mip X C

Description:Copper Male Elbow Mip X C for Plumbing

When fitting copper pipes the plumber will cut the pipes to the desired length. He will then clean the ends of the cut pipe and apply flux compound to the outside of the pipe end. The pipe end is inserted into one end of an adapter. The adapter has a larger inside diameter than the pipe allowing the pipe to slide in. The other piece of pipe is inserted into the opposite end of the adapter creating a connection between the two pipes. The plumber then solders the pipes together forming a bond.

Production Standard: ASME B16.22 & EN1254-2

Material:C12200(Cu-DHP CW024A ,SF-Cu 2.0090 and TP2)

Cu≥99.95% P0.015%-0.04% Impurity(P,Ag,Bi,Sb,As,Fe,Pb,Sn,S,Zn)≤0.1

Application: Industrial or Residential Water and plumbing


1.Pure Copper,safty and long working life

2.All fittings is compliance with federal and state lead free content requirements

3.Real manufacturer in china

4.Customized mark & brand